Global-snooker.com was launched by Cuefactor Limited in February 2009, as a direct replacement for the popular globalsnookercentre.co.uk / globalcuesportscentre.com

Global-snooker.com is committed to providing our users with Maximum Snooker Coverage.

Globalsnookercentre has been dedicated, mainly through the efforts of Janie Watkins, to providing comprehensive coverage of snooker tournaments from all over the world.  From major professional events to the second tier PIOS Tour, International events through to local junior competitions, we have been and will continue to cover them all.

Janie will remain directly involved as Global-snooker.com continues to provide this service as well as adding both an informed and light-hearted look at the sport in general, its players, techniques and rules and pretty much all things snooker.

Over the past few years, the traffic on the site has continued to grow and in 2008.

Visitors to Global-snooker.com come from well over one hundred countries, but more than 80% are European, with a steadily growing audience in Asia, Australasia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Global Snooker cannot accept responsibility for any unsolicited materials.

It is assumed that any images taken from sources which are widely distributed, such as on the internet, are in the public domain.  However, since such images are passed freely between sources such as websites, the original source is not always possible to trace. It is possible that copyrighted material has ended up being treated as public domain as a result.  If you see a graphic or image on this website which is not public domain, please contact Cuefactor Ltd.